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The 10 Best Gifts for Powerlifters

Posted by Suzanne Gray on

The 10 Best Gifts for Powerlifters

Lets face it powerlifters are hard to buy for. It might seem like all we do is eat, go to the gym and then find out where our next meal is coming from (yes I put eating in there twice for a good reason). Find out the best gifts for powerlifters that they probably never knew they needed.

A7 Pioneer Prong Belt -

Pioneer belts are your crème de la crème of the powerlifting world. Not only are the belts IPF approved and American-Made but they also offer a two line “off set hole” feature. This means it is designed to allow you to tighten the belt in ½ inch increments, instead of the usual 1-inch that you would find on other belts. With the smaller increments, the belt can be worn at the correct tightness and be unbuckled and rebuckled much easier. With a lifetime guarantee these are the powerlifting belt for the powerlifter who is ready to take their training to the next level.

Prong Powerlifting belt, IPF approved, Pioneer, SBD, Squat, Bench, Deadlift

Price - €184.99

Insulated Shaker 

Ok so you are probably now saying “but he/she already have all their competition equipment”

Fear not there is still plenty of other trinkets that are the perfect gift for the powerlifter who has everything. Like the A7 Insulated Stainless Steel shaker. Not only is it great for protein shakes and mixing preworkout, but it also has a vacuum insulated double wall. Meaning you can even keep your cup of coffee warm in the mornings. No more taking a separate morning cup to the office then carrying another bottle for your protein shake. This is a 2 in 1 shaker like never before. Dishwasher safe, leak-proof silicone seal and a twist-on cap, so no need to worry about your protein ending up on your shirt!

Shaker, Gym Shaker, IPF approved, A7uk, A7Intl, Powerlifting, Gym, Fitness, SBD, Vice Grip, Bar Grip, A7 Poland

Price - €25.99 

Water Jug 

Another option is the hydration jug. We all know that friend who carries a jug around with them all day and is super obsessed with water intake. Stay hydrated during your workouts or if you are tracking your water the jug has a whopping 2700ml/91oz capacity. But that’s not all…

It features a magnetic phone attachment so you can keep your phone close while you workout, film your sets or even just watch a movie while you are on the train without having to hold your phone. Simply stick the magnet on the back of the phone and pop the phone onto the bottle and you are ready to record your next set or even watch a video!

Jug, Shaker, Powerlifting, Fitness, IPF, A7uk, A7intl, A7 Europe, A7 Poland

Price - €25.99 

Defy Joggers 

These next 2 are for the gym goers who train in the warehouses, the box and the gym who has zero heating and too many gaps for the wind to get through. And come to think of it anyone who know could probably benefit form these Joggers. The lite defy joggers are just as comfortable for the gym as they are for going out. They are made with premium moisture wicking 4-way stretch material for greater range of motion. Which means you can squat, deadlift and whatever other exercises you want to do with ZERO restriction.

One tip I would recommend is if you want a tighter fit then size down vs. the size chart. You will get the same level of comfort but with a hugging tight fit.

Joggers, Powerlifting clothes, Powerlifting apparel, IPF, A7uk, A7intl, A7 Europe, A7 Poland, IPF APPROVED, Gym Clothes

Price - €51.99

Crew Neck Bar Grip

Another idea that is perfect for the colder environments. With the one of the kind performance silicone grip on the back, it helps you stick to the bench when pressing and anchors the barbell into your back when squatting. Bar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting workouts. The Classic Crew Neck is perfect for cold gyms, training outside or just cozying up on the sofa with a hot chocolate!

Crew Neck, Bar Grip, Jumper, Grip, Squat Grip, Squat Shirt, Bar Grip Shirt, A7uk, A7 Poland, A7 Europe, A7Intl, ViceGrip, IPF, Powerlifing Apparel, Powerlifting clothes, Powerlifting, Gymwear

Price - €44.99

Bar Grip  

A7 Bar grip is a one of a kind silicone grip that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars. A lot of powerlifters complain about bars not having centre knurling or having rickety benches that you can’t get your arch on! Bar Grip solves this. With loads and loads of different designs, from the slick stealth bar grip, to more poppy colours all the way up to designs of your favourite country. Combine this with both men’s and women’s fit, tank and crop tops, there will be a design for everyone.


Price - €32.99


If you have a loved one that turns up to the gym with a suitcase or 45 different bags for each item them need for lifting then this might just be the present that will put you in their good books. If you hear complaints about never enough space in bags, shoes stinking up the whole gym or having to wear your lifting belt through the airport, then this bag will be a life changer.

U Bag Features:

  • Loop-through top and side openings for easy travel with your belt.
  • Stowable internal shoe compartment
  • Innovative four-zipper design for access to all sides of the main compartment
  • Clamshell opening for easy packing
  • Zippered expansion system for extra room when needed.
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Airport
  • Lay-flat water bottle holder
  • 2litres capacity with the ability to expand to 51.3litres

U-Bag, Gym Bag, Powerlifting bag, Bag for squat belt, Airport bag, Bag, Travel Bag, Gym travel bag. IPF, A7uk, A7intl, A7 Poland, A7 Europe

Price - €139.99

Key Chain

A7 keychain is great to keep your keys handy. You can clip it to your UBag or your A7 joggers. The keychain is made from high-quality polyester with sublimated A7 logo and trademarks "Demand Greatness" and "Never Stop The Progress". It is soft to the touch and has fold-over fabric to avoid scratches or snags. A7 keychain has durable metal clip with bottle opener. Great for keeping your keys close, but also for opening a few beers at a BBQ!

Key chain, gym key chain, key ring, Key holder, bottle opener. IPF, bar grip, A7uk A7 Poland, A7 Europe, A7intl

Price - €5.99

Gift Card - 

If everything else fails, the trusty gift card does the job!

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Price – Various