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A7 IPF Approved Wrist Wraps

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A7 Wrist Wraps


The A7 IPF Approved wrist wraps are designed to offer ultimate support during benching, squats and pressing movements. They feature a double thumb loop so you don't have to worry about which way you have to put them on. They're quick and easy to put on and highly effective.


All our wrist wraps are IPF Approved and are allowed in all IPF competitions and its affiliate federations within Europe.


The wrist wraps are available in three styles:


Flex - Medium - Stiff


The flex wrist wraps are suitable for someone who wants support but also being able to have some movement in the wrist to get into position for a lift. With these wraps you will be able to get plenty of revolutions from the wrap but still as small amount of wrist bend. Perfect for all lifts but if you are looking to do movements like clean and jerks of overhead pressing these are the perfect fit. 


We recommended the stiff style if you're someone who is looking for maximum support on the wrist. Your wrists will have zero movement with the stiff wrist wraps. These will have less revolutions but do not allow a single bit of movement. 


We offer each wrist wraps styles in three lengths:


55cm - 77cm - 99cm


55cm is recommended for someone who has small wrists or looking for the ultimate convenience in a wrist wrap. The length of your wrist wrap you choose will depend on how many times you want the wrap to go around your wrist. 


99cm are the maximum length allowed for competition in the IPF and are IPF approved just like all our other variations. 


A7 Wrist Wraps are available to shop here: