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LTB Gridlock Wristband

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LTB Gridlock Wristband

LTB Gridlock Wristband



It is not easy to pick up the barbell. Your dedication at the gym motivates you to lift heavier weight, increase your reps, become stronger. Think about holding the barbell for the first time and how uncomfortable it felt, but eventually you added a plate, and then you added another.

Live The Barbell (LTB) is the idea that extends past your gym experience. Much like the barbell, life can pull you down. Our LTB Collection is centered around the idea of evolving and treating your life like a barbell in your hand - being able to carry heavier weight on your shoulders and becoming stronger every day. Lift The Barbell... Live The Barbell... it is a lifestyle.

LTB Gridlock Wristband features:

  • Silicone composition
  • 3/4 inches wide
  • Debossed A7Co design on one side
  • Debossed Live The Barbell design on the other side